Hot Chocolate made of CAKE & More Cozy Winter Baking Ideas | How To Cake It Step By Step

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Everyone loves a good snow day - it’s the perfect excuse to do absolutely nothing and stay cozy inside OR go outside and play in the snow!  Whether you prefer staying in or bearing the cold, here is our guide to the perfect snow day… cake edition!  If you’re a cozy-enthusiast who would rather watch the snow fall from the warm indoors, we recommend starting your day with a giant chocolate chip cookie cake for the perfect snow day snack paired with a delicious hot chocolate (made of cake of course).  If you would rather head outdoors and embrace the snow, make sure you wear your warm winter hat, and have a warm pair of slippers (also made of cake) and coffee mug cake waiting for you on the inside!  Get more details on each below to plan your perfect snow day!

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